Creepy Fun Story

Story time!

In August I found this nifty dirt road that came to a dead end at a dirt berm. On the other side of the berm was a path, lined with rocks, that led through the desert.  I posted pictures of that back on August 24th.

Fast forward to last week. I had a weird dream about that road. In the dream I went up the hill and found a portal to another dimension. What? It’s better than having another damn work dream!

A couple of days ago, while driving, I thought I was seeing dust being kicked up in the hills east of town. I pointed it out to Nikki and she thought it was just the hills since it didn’t look like the dust was moving. Continue reading

Domestic Abuse

One of the sites I frequent had a writing prompt about domestic violence. I thought I’d share what I wrote with everyone.

“Get me another beer,” Bob ordered from the living room.

Rita finished drying the dish in her hand and called back, “Just a second, honey.”

She pulled another dish out of the sink and began to dry it when a beer bottle slammed into the cabinet to her left. The bottle exploded against the cabinet, raining glass and a few drop of beer down onto her. Rita flinched away from the glass and dropped the plate she’d been drying. It shattered on the floor at her feet.

“Get me a fuckin’ beer right now! Do not make me come in there, Rita,” Bob shouted. Continue reading

The Camera Lies

I have been trying for a couple of weeks to find a program to properly combine several of my lightning shots to make one dramatic shot.

Photoshop won’t work right for what I want and I had all but given up when I tried a star stacking program that I have had for months and got exactly what I wanted.

It’s funny how what we perceive as the wrong tool for the job is actually the right one for it.

The Milky Way

For the past couple of nights I have been trying to get a shot of the Milky Way in the southern night sky. So far I’ve had the lights of Needles, California drown out the first set and, after driving 45 miles south,  a freaking big ass cloud come out of nowhere and block out the Milky Way.

I’m cursed and going to take a little break from trying to catch a shot of the Milky Way and instead concentrate on sleeping.

Yes, tonight I will not be wandering the desert. Instead I will be kicking back and doing nothing. This should last about 5 minutes.

Anyway, here’s a couple of the shots of the Milky Way I got before the bastard cloud moved in and ruined the evening.


A Morning in Bullhead City, AZ.

This morning I got up far too early for a sensible human being and drove off to catch some pictures of the sky over Bullhead City.  It was a great morning for photography, cool, hardly any wind, and not a cloud at all.

This morning’s excursion was to see Jupiter, the moon, and Venus form a triangle in the predawn sky.

Here we have Jupiter and the moon waiting on Venus.

Venus arrives and I get quite a few shots. I won’t post all of the 439 I took, I think you’ll have enough to see with these here.

This is the town of Laughlin, Nevada. I had to take this shot because the lights make the town look like a Christmas tree. Yeah, I didn’t sleep and my brain is mush so I could be seeing things for all we know.

And, finally, we have sunrise. I decided to mess with settings and give you a different kind of sunrise. Enjoy.

Venus and Jupiter

This morning was the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter. A conjunction is when two objects in the night sky seem to be close to each other when they are actually millions, if not more, miles apart.

This morning’s conjunction of the two brightest planets in our night sky is the last time these two will be this close until August of 2016. Here are a couple of shots of the pair.

On a side note, I hate this cheap ass tripod and cannot tell you how glad I am that I will have a new one by the end of the month. 37 pictures and only four came out at due to the wobble.



When the monsoons roll in we get quite a bit of lightning. One of the hardest things I’ve tried to do with my camera is get a shot of daytime lightning.

When this storm rolled through it made it nice and easy for me to get plenty of lightning shots. It was a crazy afternoon and evening full of thunder and lightning, something I enjoy.

On a side note, we have a local coffee shop called Javalinas. They had a contest for best lightning picture and somehow I lost. If any of you know the folks at Javalins, let them know I feel robbed!



People, I’m going to offer some really good advice this morning.

If your mechanic tells you not to do 60 in 1st gear because it’ll wreck your engine, you should listen.

If your computer tech tells you not to download that program because it’ll screw up your computer, you should listen.

If your plumber tells you not to flush plastic bags down your toilet because it’ll screw up your plumbing, you should listen.

You should NOT do the exact opposite of what your service person says and then complain because you broke your stuff. It’s not your service person’s fault that you didn’t listen, it’s yours. Being a responsible adult sucks but sometimes you have to suck it up and do it.